blue-berried, with a decadant dollop of fresh whipped-cream.
♥ deco-choco ♥
Wednesday, July 15, 2009
I took this image off Meiji's official japanese site quite a while ago. Anyway, this slab of something with lots of sparkly things and decorations is a piece of chocolate, and every bit of it is edible.
yumyum! actually no, I bet it tastes really awful! I know for a fact that those metallic looking balls of sugar are in fact really hard and have no flavour, but well


its a work of art. food art!

ah~ I still don't get how boob (yuehuan) does her beautiful emoticons on her blog! love them to bits. hehe shall ask her for help soon. oh god i can't wait for the new season of GG. starts sept 1 I think. gosh, right when term begins. I think they timed it.

is anyone watching harry p. and the HBP tomorrow??????? i watch every harry p. movie with my mom (no i'm not the least embarassed), cos she's this massive harry p. fan :D so i'll be catching it next tues after school! wheeeeee. hope it doesn't disappoint! the past 3 have been such disasters! only the first two did the books justice.

♥ a pen full of ink. ♥
Sunday, July 12, 2009
sadie's beautiful hair in my mom's curlers!

choux pastry i made :D (very yummy :D:D)

what an ugly photo. but anyway, its the tart i made! it tastes somewhat like the one from fruits paradise but with like 1/5 the amount of whipped cream. (which i don't like)

as usual, i am shocked by my lack of incentive to post! but everytime i look at nuffnang and my miserable 80 cents i think that i MUST do something to earn more cents. but obviously, i don't.

i don't know why i'm so obsessed with the cents i collect on nuffnang. maybe its because its the only form of income i'm receiving (other than pocket money), even though i (usually) don't care if something is 80c more or 80c less. unless its like if a fishball was 90c vs 10c then yes i'd care very much.

MID YEARS ARE OVER! you know i'm secretly (okay not really) very proud that i managed to complete 3 essays for lit in 3 hours! hah! and i had 15 mins extra :D (maybe thats a bad thing, but well!). i know like more than a hundred other people did it, but WHEEEEEEE :D
it is such a nice feeeeeeling.

i strongly agree with the article in the sunday times that singapore dramas stink. okay fine they didnt say "stink" but anyway, they STINK. they are so baddddd that i must make it a point to say that they are really bad. those on channel 8 i mean. thank god for cable! and those korean/hk dramas on channel u.

ps. the magicians by lev grossman is really good :D i wish we could do it for lit instead of like disgrace. which i still don't like. maybe im just too insensitive a reader ;)

Monday, June 15, 2009

wash your hands! (or sanitize them with dettol hand sanitizer! it comes in a tiny bottle that's smaller than most handy-phones ANDDDD they smell nice! ALOE VERA IS GOOD FOR THE SKIN! )

anyway, i'm off to korea tomorrow! whoopee.
(i secretly hope i get to be quarantined for 7 days when i get back cos then i'll miss KI and econs midyears. brill aye. that'll be lots of essays down! hah!)
not that i want to be infected with swine flu myself. i just want to be healthy and be quarantined ;D

anyway toodlydooles! i'll have fun :D!
the current revision-situation has not improved a jot. anyway i have long term memory lossssssss. so if i begin revision now it'll be a total waste.

it is rather sad that i will not be seeing mizusaki sensei anymore! it was my last jap lesson here yesterday. oh i'm so sad!!!!! and (hahaha) i was promoted to pre-advance 3. AND I DONT EVEN GET TO START ON IT! hah.

and i have to say that NLB is rather under-stocked.

♥ boo! ♥
Thursday, June 11, 2009
(haha that just sounds weird, but i had this random urge to say it)
 anyway WOW i haven't posted in a long time!
 i don't know why i dont like to blog anymore.
feels weird. i think its something u grow out of?
is it
anyway, i think i shall create a food blog instead! hah! and i'll just post here occasionally when i feel like.maybe its just a phase i'm going through. the i-am-so-lazy-to-blog phase. if there's such a thing anyway.

other than that going out with glo was fun yesterday and the food was good and then going to nic's to play neopets together like crazy people while moms and aunts were looking at and purchasing jewellery in the living room. I LIKE NEOPETS WITH YIMBO! its so fun :D
its the only time neopets is fun! and i swear that key game is the best in the world! haha! we're really good at it together :D
oomph. and buying bruce stuff. like do you know there's a cloud bruce muffin? cool huh?
we collect bruce stuff together. okay that nthing to say thing is nullified; i do seem to have things to say.

i dont understand why people dont tag when i see so many "unique" visitors on nuffnang. you people are rather strange! heh. kidding. anyway, maybe i should just remove the tagboard and have comments instead! then people like kktk wont have to spread the talk over several boxes cos cbox has limited space per message sent.

RESTAURANT CITY IS FUN! i think im getting a lil sick of it already though. strange. maybe its cos i level 10-ed a main, appetiser and dessert each. bleagh. 

i havent done any thing productive all through the hols. productive meaning studying. met ant today and it was very nice! :D and shes been asking me to study! but i dont want to! haha!
i still feel the post-EOY exams mood. gosh. its terrible. 
yim seems to be doing a brill job studying (the total opposite of me right now) so i bet she'll be having such a good and easy time when term starts in september! gosh. i'm still not sure about my subject combo. the architecture thing is driving me nuts. it kinda matters alot to me what i want to do cos then i need to take the relevant subjects! 

oh i thought of this simile two days ago when i was in the car with my mom and i thought it was funny!
oh gosh and the thoughts of "fugly" whom everyone seems not to be able to stand floods my mind. retch. i wonder how far the "calling the waiter" (as the mel and beat etc say it looked like) incident spread. 
he hasnt crossed my mind all june. its leaving a trail of oil now.
oh gosh i really dont want to be mean but HE STARTED ITTTTTTTTTT.
okay okay enough, BYEEE (:

♥ i'm having quarter life crises or whatever you call it ♥
Saturday, May 23, 2009
the title speaks for itself.
oh, my, god.
i don't think i want to be an architect anymore!
this is all very bad timing.
I hate feeling like i don't know what i want to be.
I have never felt like i had no idea what I wanted to be.
it is a freaking crisis worse than the credit crunch if i may say.
(okay fine it isnt but whatever)

i went to that ecareers.sg thing and the PGI assessment is so bloody long its impossible to complete. 23 pages long. so i did the short interest-based thing. and, they asked me to go be a: (i'll just copy and paste it all)

1 Occupations Match All Choices
Development Managers (NParks)

12 Occupations Match All But One Choice
Fund ManagersGame and Level DesignersLighting ArtistsMultimedia ProducersOperations Managers Personal Financial Consultants/Financial PlannersProduct StructurersPublic Relations OfficersRelationship ManagersTexture ArtistsTrust ProfessionalsVisual Effects (VFX) Artists

i dont want to do all this nonsense! i re-did the quiz twice and tweaked my answers a little cos the results from the first try was nothing less than astonishing.
and it has "hot" beside it, signifying that its a "hot choice" hahahaha.
oh my god. game programmer.
and, i do not want to be a fund manager. do i look like i want to be a fund manager?
under the 75% part, visual effects artists get paid only about a thousand+ dollars a month.
no thank you. AND its boring. (and slightly weird like game programming weird)

i am feeling rather distressed right now.
and chefs are paid miserably little, and i dont want to do something whereby you dont have to go to university to study.
but i dont want to be a doctor (because my knees go weak when i see blood and i don't take biology anymore) OR a dentist because i hate smelly breath and rotting teeth.
and i dont want to be a lawyer cos corporate lawyers sound like you do the same thing everyday and i dont want to be barister because i dont want to go to court and be scary.
and i dont want to be a pet groomer or a vet or a flower planter or a janitor or a waiter or an interior designer because interior designers are interior designers.

we need to fix this

♥ blue bow headband! ♥
Saturday, May 9, 2009
My handmade bow headbands!

I like to make my own headbands because its so fun, and I can fashion them in a manner that I most prefer :D
This ribbon is really luxurious! I dug it out from somewhere, it was used to tie the box that held the stuffed dog that my aunt gave me for my strings concert last year. Thank god I kept the ribbon! it's really nice ribbon. Otherwise, you can just get ribbon from scrapbook stores like Laine's at wheelock, but cos theyre for scrapbooks theyre really not half as nice.

Step 1: Make the bow! i was way too lazy to photograph the process of making the bow and sewing it up, but anyway....

and TADAAAA ITS DONE! maybe you'll see me wearing it in school (:
but it stands out a little too much cos of the colour and the size of the bow, so I havent worn it to school yet, and maybe wont ever. But i'm wearing it out tomorrow! it matches my dark blue knitted top with the ribbon pattern on it from river island. lalala~

the wine red one i wear is handmade too! I made one for Sadie so we have matching hairbands! but the black one is from diva. just a side note, I think white bow headbands on black hair looks really bad. It'll look really nice on blond hair, but on black, it just looks SO STRANGE! especially with the VJ school uniform. eurgh.


angry part of my happy post:
there's jap class tml. last week, this stupid fat bitch (and it was only her first lesson with us while we've mostly been there for more than 6 months) kept being mean and arguing with me that my definition of "fruits are what contain the seeds of the plant, and vegetables refer to the rest of the plant like the leaves, so a chilli is a fruit and so is a cucumber" was WRONG. its right okay.
the freaking pig kept insisting that I was wrong and trying to embarass me in front of the whole jap class when SHE'S WRONG! HELLO JUST GOOGLE IT?!?!?!?!??!??!?!!??!! i wouldnt mind if she was nice and told me her definition or said what she had to say nicely, she was being awfully rude about it and her tone was terrible.
i told her that it was in my PRIMARY SCHOOL science textbook and she still held firm to her ridiculous position.
she is a very rude ignorant turd. and i cannot believe that the rest of my jap class, all of them being adults, and nobody stood for my position, everyone was either all blur or thinking that eggplants were freaking vegetables so I was wrong. HELLO!?!?!?!?!?? ITS A FRUIT.

♥ ooh la la ♥
Saturday, May 2, 2009
i love this bag, its so big and happy! the design is so nice right:D got it from desigual (as is evident from the picture) when i went shopping there when it just opened at taka.

it looks much better not in a photo ): i dont know why it looks so dead here. oh well! but anyway, I LOVE BOWS~ (and watercolours)

java keeps annoying me by making me download the latest version when i don't want it!
the old version is serving me well, so why do i need to new one? geez.

i love water colours! theyre so fun :D
i wonder who "kiasu lar" or something is.
do i know you? i always get annoyed when people tag and i dont know who they are, but then i'm always so tempted myself to tag on random people's blogs when i have something to say without identifying myself. haha, i bet we all have have such secret tendencies :P

everyone's soursop strawberry crazy, but it tastes kinda artificial doesnt it? makes me wonder if it is indeed all-natural! but oh well, it tastes good so who cares!
i can't believe theres that freaking chem lecture test on wed.
i have absolutely no mood to study. so i shant. heh. i havent been in a mood to study since last year's eoys. in fact im still feeling the "oh its the end of eoys so why bother!"- mood. honestly!!!!!!!!!!!!
you know i actually enjoy viewing xiaxue's blog sometimes? she has all these cool pictures of her stuff and her cute dog. but i don't really READ-read it. you know what i mean!
but if i view it too often im reminded by how im actually helping her earn more money.

ah~ wish we could have a sddk outing soon~

me & des
"Hello. My name is Su-Lin and I love eating (& shopping), and I don't like lengthy introductions :("



to be updated